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2016, EGS, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Post Construction Geophysical Survey 2016
2006, RPS, Walney Offshore Wind Farm, Ornithological Impact Assessment
WoDS Technical Report I: Offshore Cultural Heritage (includes Walney site)
2013, Fugro EMU Ltd., Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, Year 1 Post Construction Monitoring Benthic Survey
2008, E.ON, Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm, Onshore Environmental Statement
2005, HR Wallingford, Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, Scoping Study for Coastal Processes
2011 - 2012, Envision Mapping, Blyth NaREC Offshore Demonstration Site, Video Survey
2015, MarineSpace Ltd., Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Annex I Habitat Assessment and Micrositing Advice
2012, Liverpool_Bangor University, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Sediment Migration
2003-2004, Subacoustech Ltd., Assessment of sub-sea noise and vibration from offshore wind turbines and its impact on marine wildlife
2009, Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies Ltd (CMACS), Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Post-Construction Year 2 Environmental Monitoring Report
2009, Gardline Environmental Ltd./National Physical Laboratory/Loughborough University, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm, Underwater Noise Monitoring During Marine Piling
2011 Zone 4 Hornsea Project 1, PanGeo, Acoustic Corer Survey for Met Mast Location
2009, UTEC Survey Limited, Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, Ramsgate Harbour, Geophysical Suyrvey
2003, CMACS, A baseline assessment of electromagnetic fields generated by offshore windfarm cables
2005, Fugro Engineering Services Ltd, Lynn and Inner Dowsing Wind Farm, Geotechnical Investigation
Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm: Metocean Surveys 2004-2006
2010, CMACS Ltd., Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, Boat-Based Bird Survey
2009, Centrica Energy, Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI)
2003-2008, Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies, Humber Gateway Windfarm Seabird Survey Programme
2012 British Geological Survey Marine Geosciene Programme - South West Approaches to Tiree Multibeam and Surface Tow Boomer Survey
2012, Envision Mapping Ltd., Kyle Rhea, Benthic Video Survey
2013, Fugro EMU, Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farm, Photographic Monitoring Survey
2010 - 2012, Natural Research Projects Limited, Lewis Wave Array, Baseline Bird Surveys
2005, Npower Renewables Ltd, Gwynt y Mor Environmental Statement
2013, RSK, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Saltmarsh Botanical Monitoring Survey, Eastern and Western Northshore Cables
2000, English Nature, Acoustic seabed survey techniques for monitoring Marine SACs: A trial of three systems
2010, MALSF, Mitigation of Marine Aggregate Dredging Impacts - Benchmarking Equipment, Practices and Technologies against Global Best Practice
2011 Zone 6 Rampion, RSK, Visual Landscape
2012, EMU Ltd., Zone 7 Navitus Bay West Isle of Wight, Fish and Shellfish Ecology Characterisation,
2007-2008, WWT Consulting, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Aerial Survey for Waterbirds and Seabirds
2013 Natural England Scroby Sands Little Tern Sternula Albifrons use of Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm
2005, EGS, Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey
2012/2013, ESS Ecology and Royal Haskoning, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm - Ornithology Survey Reports and Data - Construction and operation phase
2002, British Geological Survey, Gunfleet Sand Offshore Wind Farm Study: A Geological Review
2004, RPS Hydrosearch, Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm, Cable Burial and Routing Assessment
2002, RSK Environment Ltd., Barrow Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Impact Statement
2015, EGS (International) UK, Blyth NaREC Offshore Demonstration Site, Detailed Geophysical Survey
2012 Zone 9 Celtic Array, ABPmer Scoping Document
2012, Orca Marine, Brough Head Wave Farm, Marine Cultural Heritage Baseline Assessment
2008, Centrica, Docking Shoal, Environmental Statement
2006, GSB Prospection Ltd, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey - Walpole Electricity Substation
2017, Spectrum Geosurvey, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Consent Survey Q2 2017
Wave Hub Test Centre Development and Environmental Assessment
2015, Fugro EMU Limited, West of Duddon Sands and Barrow Offshore Wind Farm, Bathymetric Surveys
Teesside AB Converter Station Topographical Survey
2004, NERI, Lynn and Inner Dowsing, Birds Aerial Survey
2016, HR Wallingford, Zone 6 Rampion, Underwater Noise Modelling
2005, Marine Ecological Surveys Ltd, Predictive Framework for Assessment of Recoverability of Marine Benthic Communities Following Cessation of Aggregate Dredging
2002, Global Renewable Energy Partners (GREP) UK Marine Ltd., Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Statement
2007-2008, WWT Consulting, Lynn and Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farm, Aerial Survey for Waterbirds and Seabirds in GW4
2002, ABP Mer, Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm, Coastal Process Study
2003, Entec UK Limited, Teesside Offshore Wind Farm, Report on Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey
2013-2016, HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd., Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Aerial Ornithological Surveys
Walney Offshore Wind Farm Potential Collision Rates for Whopper Swan
2014, Titan, Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, Additional Export Cable Route Infill Survey
2005-2015, Rhyl Flats, Meteorological Mast
2013, Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, BACTEC International Limited, Topographic and Magnetic Survey at Middleton Sands for the Landfall of the Export Cable
2003-2005, Marine Consents and Environment Unit, Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, FEPA Licence
2016, Fugro, Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm, UXO Survey
2011 Envision Mapping Ltd. Biogenic Reefs and the Marine Aggregate Industry
2002, Magellan House Marketing, Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm, Public Consultation Programme
2003-2004, CMACS Ltd., London Array Offshore Wind Farm, Benthic Sampling using Beam Trawls, Otter Trawls and Day Grabs in the Thames Estuary during 2003 and 2004
2012, Xodus Group, Brough Head Wave Farm, Potential Impacts to Fish Ecology
2012, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, Bird Landing Counts (Martin Mere)
2006, RPS, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Transformer Access Route Assessment
2006, Osiris Projects, Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Rock Armour Post-Lay Inspection Survey
Cleve Hill Substation Flood Investigation for the London Array Offshore Wind Farm
2011, Gardline Environmental, Zone 3 Dogger Bank Tranche A and Associated Export Cable Route, Benthic Survey
2011 Zone 6 Rampion, Anatec Shipping and Navigation
2011, Subacoustech Environmental Ltd., Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm, Subsea Operational Noise Assessment
2012, Osiris Projects, Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm, Cable Route and Irish Sea Metmast North Offshore Geophysical Surveys
2008, Swansea University, Skerries Tidal Site, ADCP Data
2010 - 2013 Zone 9 Celtic Array, ANATEC Shipping and Navigation
2012, VSMC, Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey
Onshore Traffic Survey for the London Array offshore Wind Farm
2008, Osiris Projects, Walney Offshore Wind Farm, Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey
2013, Marine and Risk Consultants Ltd., MARICO, Skerries Tidal Site, Navigation Risk Assessment of L3 Cable Route and Landfall for Skerries Tidal Array
2007-2011, Entec, Robin Rigg, Epibenthic Beam Trawl for Electrosensitive Species along the Robin Rigg Offshore Cable Route
2011, RPS, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Metmast Shallow Gas Study
2014, PLA Hydrographic Service, Gunfleet Sands 1 and 2, Scour Rectification Post-Completion Bathymetric Survey
2009, COWRIE, Developing Guidance on Ornithological Cumulative Impact Assessment for Offshore Wind Farm Developers
2009, Entec UK Limited, Teesside Offshore Wind Farm, Pre-construction Baseline Environmental Monitoring
Natural Power Consultants, Forth Array, Infrastructure
2009-2010, Royal Haskoning DHV, Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, Ornithological Survey
2009, RPS Planning and Development, Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, Onshore Archaeology
2015, PLA Hydrographic Service, Gunfleet Sands 3, Export Cable and WTG Inspection Surveys (Summer 2015)
2012 Zone 9 Celtic Array, Stage 1 Preliminary Environmental Information_PEI
2010 Zone 9 Celtic Array, WESSEX Archaeological Assessment (MetMast)
The Eastern English Channel Marine Habitat Map - Survey Element
2017, EGS, Blyth NaREC Offshore Demonstration Site, Detailed Geophysical Survey
2007, RPS, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Noise Monitoring Survey
2008, ERM, Humber Gateway, Environmental Statement
2007, Ecofys, Lincs Offshore Wind Farm, Collision Risk Modelling for Pink Footed Geese in the Greater Wash
2008, DONG Energy, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Little Gull Survey Data report
2012, Gardline Environmental Ltd, Teesside Offshore Wind Farm, Marine Mammal Observations and Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm Environmental Statement- Appendices 9.2, 9.3 and 9.5: Benthic Surveys
2010, Entec UK Ltd, Teesside Offshore Wind Farm FEPA Monitoring, Benthic Survey
2014, Wessex Archaeology, Blyth NaREC Offshore Demonstration Site, Offshore Archaeology and Cultural History WSI